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bumper bits - help please

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nuggett is still pecking and she is wearing down the anti peck ring really quickly. we have tried her with the bumper bits in the past,but she looked like she was going to struggle with eating and drinking so we went back to the peck rings.( we felt sorry for her )


will she struggle with the bumper bits as it looks quite big sticking out from her beak. should we feed her anything special? would we be right in thinking that mash might be a better as she can stick her whole beak in??


we have just put it on her now as she will go to bed in a little while, but she looks really really miserable, tail down and not at all impressed.


i'm starting to feel sorry for her already.

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Laura, I know it is heart breaking to watch, but think of the other poor girls. thats what finally persuaded me to put a BB on Babs. After 30 mins of her wiping her beak on the ground and shooting me 'evils' she just got on with it. She continued to eat the pellets and afternoon mash with no problems. The Bumper bit only stayed on for a couple of months, but solved the problem.


All the best.

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