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Mrs T

Boys or Girls

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Hi Tara


I am Tara too! Had to call myself Mrs T on the forum. No don't worry nothing will happen to our boys, they will go and live on a nearby farm, where they orginally came from as eggs!. :) I will just keep the girls, we have 6 chicks, all bantams I think, not sure what they breeds they are! :? Just a mixture I think. I have got 2 very small black ones. And 2 are a mixture of colours, and 1 ginger type and 1 white one.





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Hi Feemcg,


I tried to feather sex them, (followed a guide I found on the internet somewhere) I thought yes that one is a boy and now I feel completely different, every day they grow a bit more of there feathers change and now I have not got a clue! The one we named Racing Stripes (because he had 3 stripes down his back) I now think is a girl, but I was convinced from the day he hatched he was a he! But he/she seems very maternal to the other chicks, letting them sleep under his/her wings! :? I really can't tell, would love it if they where all girls and then I could keep them all.



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