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Diary of Purplehen's growing attempts

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Thought if I did this - it will encourage me to get on with it and keep it going.


So - first job is continuing today. Create an area for the hens to keep them from the rest of the garden :!: Our last house had a lawn so the Omlet netting was ideal. However the new garden is all slabs and gravel - will get a photo up when done.


Second job will then be to clean up the garden ready to set to with planting pits etc......


Will keep you all posted :D

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Jackie, have you thought about creating a Blog?

Its awfully easy & makes a diary type thing like you want to do very simple to create.

Quite a few of us us Vox,& you can look at mine,& link to others from the link below :P

I would love to see a Blog on your progress!

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