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First a Cockatoo now a bloomin' thrush!

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Last week we found a cockatoo in the tree opposite our house, well today we found a baby thrush just below them!

We had a look on the rspb website which advises to leave it where it is BUT we have cats that are quite partial to the anything with feathers except the chooks.


We stuck it in a shoe box with aubiose and a fat ball and stuck the box in a hedgerow very close to the tree.


Our Sundays are being ruined by Bill Oddie's mates. :?


Two weeks ago I didn't know what ornithology meant, now I know too much about the bloomin' things!



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Reg, got any dried meal worms from your girls? It would be the best way to get this little birdie built up as quickly as possible. If its got feathers, it shuold be able to flap up to the safety of a tree. Mum won't be too far away if its unable to look after itself.


Unfortunately, if its not, and she's afraid of getting near to it, it will die very soon. :(


Nature :evil::evil::evil:

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