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My girls have a regular visitor. A bantam I think, who comes every morning and has a scratch around. I guess shes feeding on the stuff thats been kicked out.

Anyway she can fly and run very quickly so I never get near her. She lives wild and gos into ecveryones garden but seems to be coming into mine more because of my girls. I like her shes got guts and she hasn't met a nasty end so she's a clever wee thing.

Anyway my problem. She's got very noisy. She comes into th egarden and stands on the shed and shouts a lot. I'm beginning to think the attached neighbours think its my girls. SO I've decided to catch her (ingenious trap :D). I'm not sure what I'm going to do with her then though....

Any ideas? I have three in a run with one extension so not really got any space.

Theres pics and stuff on my blog!

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What a little madam! :lol: She sounds great! I'd be tempted to keep her - I have 4 in a run with one extension (although they do free range quite a lot of the time as well). But being free range herself, she may not take too kindly to being part of a flock, bottom dog and confined again and might end up noisier than ever. :? Worth a try though! :lol:

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I think a purple cube is a fantastic idea!!


I am utterly convinced that banties are loud by nature, to make up what they lack in size. I am glad one of my neighbours is related, and the other side has noone in currently.. Its amazing how such small objects can create quite so much noise. :shock:


Good luck with the trap.. let us know how it goes!

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