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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice/suggestions or had anything similar to what is currently going on with our chickens. I’ll try and give as much info as poss!


We have 3 chickens which we got as pullets in September 2005. They have all been well -touch wood- during this time. The seem happy enough at the moment running around the garden, eating/drinking, scratching, dust-bathing etc. The weird thing is they aren’t laying and each morning they still go into the eglu as normal, sit on the next box and then come out again 20mins later but with no eggs laid. They’ve always been pretty consistent layers with only drops during winter or broodiness. They don’t seem bloated or ‘backed-up’ at all.


This is the first time we’ve had chickens so don’t really know what to expect- is that it now? Have they ‘retired’ from the laying business? In case it helps they are the following:


Isobel- Bovans Nera

Priscilla- Rhode Star (your typical ‘little brown chicken’)

Morag- Speckledy


Any comments much appreciated- thanks!


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Hi Claret


All are hybrids and as far as we know they are the following types:

Isobel= a 'Bovans Nera'

Priscilla= a 'Rhode Star' (your typical ‘little brown chicken’)

Morag= a 'Speckledy'


Hope they 'last' more than 3 years even if they don't lay as they are like pets now! :oops:

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I know how you feel, Bert, My pure breeds are lovely girls and I forgive them for not laying through the winter. I just buy eggs from Lesley!


Looking at their age, it might be that they've just stopped laying, but it's all a bit of a mystery as I'd be surprised if they'd all stopped together. Do you have a good chicken vet? It might be worth popping them along there for a check.


Other things to take into consideration are worming; if they are infested, they won't lay. Diet; are they eating layers pellets/mash? Are they too fat?

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Might be worth getting some Flubenvet down them then.


Let me know how you get on - I'm interested to hear.

Are there any photos of your hens?


Flubenvet is ordered and on its way. Hadn't really considered that but hopefully that will help! Many thanks.


Never used the gallery before today but managed to upload a few pics. Not sure how you link to it (I'm meant to be working at the moment!!) but in the chicken gallery is an album named 'Chooks!' which may be of interest. :D

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