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katy ruskin

sudden bullying - help!

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Very worried about my two girls. Had them for two months and today suddenly, the smaller of the two has started pecking and attacking the other. Don't understand why - they have plenty or room, free range everyday, laying eggs well, look fit and healthy. When they first arrived I didn't notice any evidence of them pecking to establish a hierachy - could this just be a delayed pecking order action?? Have read some disturbing messages from people whose chickens have attacked, drawn blood and kept pecking. Should I split them in the run and what should I do at night, worried the one hen will attack whilst locked in the eglu. Very disturbing to watch their behaviour change so much as previously they got on so well.

Any advice would be gratefully received. :(

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Oh Katy you do sound worried. :(


Im not really sure what to suggest :? I suppose if you witness one chicken picking on the other you could always squish them with a water pistol to interupt this unwanted behaviour - i know others use this method.



If the pecked area looks red put some aloe vera on it or use the gentian violet (purple) spray to put them off pecking it.


Im sure someone with more experience than me will be along soon

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Emma's spot on with the water pistol therapy, it works well. Don't worry about them at night though; apart from a bit of pecking when they go in the Eglu, they are usually so dozy that they will cuddle up together.


Unless there is actually blood being drawn, then leave them to get on with it - it looks worse than it is. One day they'll be best friends.

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I might try the water pistol, although I tried it for noise, it didn't work and realised they just needed more food :oops:

Horrid Trinny and Katy never stopped picking on Megan, but at Easter they made a bald patch on her head when they were confined for 2 days. They've still not worked it out after 4 months :(

They love the noisy feather pecking Abbie and she pecks at their beaks and tugs at Trinny's feathers. Poor little Megan can't even have a dustbath,and they delibrately approach her to chase her, and all she does is run away. Trinny jumps on her back, pins her and pecks her. :evil: I'm starting to get really fed up as it is 4 months and can't leave them all in the eglu run after Easter.

It did take her nearly all this time to grow a proper comb :?:?: and she only lays the odd egg, and doesn't seem to be laying regularly. All I can hope is that she needs to get into the egg laying more.

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