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free ranging & fearless

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Just an update on the girls. . .they are out and about with all four dogs and everyone gets along great! My dog Saxen didn't love when they decided to jump on his back tonight. . .but for the most part all is well.


The dogs have also decided that they like peas & pasta. . .so they get in there with the girls to get a taste.


I think because they are fearless, the dogs don't mess with them. They are still fairly small. . .so I didn't know if I could let them out until they were a bit bigger. . .but they get time out each morning & night. And it was never an issue. . .


Even the cat will just hang out with them running around. I'm sitting out on the patio trying to read a book ("The Thirteeth Tale". . .it's really good). . .but I don't get much read as I just watch the chickens.

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I find the same, out in the garden its hard to do anything but watch the chickens and their antics.


Its really good that all your pets are making friends at an early stage, the chickens will be well used to Saxen by the time they are bigger. :)


thanks for the update. We love your pics.....keep 'em coming !

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