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The Dogmother

Free meal worms

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Just seen this on the Wiggly Wigglers site.....

With any order of LIVE! Mealworms from Wiggly Wigglers we'll slip in an extra 3 tubs of mealworms (free of charge of course). Of course you could keep the extra mealworms for yourself, but wouldn't it be great if we could get thousands of new converts feeding the birds? Passing them on will ensure brownie points for you (you might need that cup of sugar one day); orders for us (well it will keep us busy won't it?) and extra mealworms in new gardens for all those hungry birds during their busiest time of the year. Just add code S1103 to your order and either Noelle or Sylv will pop in an extra three tubs along with a spare catalogue! Please note that we can only send one free pack per household and the offer ends 31st May 2007.
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I couldn't get it to work :?

I did order live worms - is there a particular size that the offer is for do you know?


I couldn't get it to work either Sarah and when I called them they said don't enter it in the voucher code box but write it in the comments box and they will put the free mealworms in with the order........... :)

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