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Tilly & Lilly have been with us since September and apart from the odd soft shelled egg from Tilly, we have had no problems at all. Until tonight.


I was just off to bed, when I noticed that Lilly was standing very still in the run, long after her bed time. On closer inspection, I found that she had laid a perfect egg, with no shell at all! She was just standing there, with a strand of albumen hanging from her bottom. I cleaned her up and poped her in the eglu, but she came out agian and sat on the ground. I managed to coax her back into the eglu with a small stick - it was either that, or get into the eglu with my nightie on - and the neighbours think I'm mad anyway!


Has anyone else come across this problem (the shelless egg, not getting into an eglu with a nightie on!!). ? I know soft eggs can make chickens seem a bit depresed, but that was the softest egg ever.

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It happens occassionally and arrives in many different forms - in these parts the poultry farmers call it a 'lash' - just one of those things.


Providing, that is, that they have plenty of extra grit - crush oyster shell that sort of thing, plenty of fresh greens, and a healthy chicken diet.


Just keep an eye on her - though.

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I had 2 (one after the other) that were just in a membrane like a balloon filled with water with some calcium deposits and you could almost see the yolk :?

She was very off colour and we took her indoors as there was a tiny bit of blood (probably from straining) and she laid them in front of us.

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