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stars or planets

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Does anyone know anything about stars or planets (you know the sparkly things in the sky!)

When I look out of my back door - which has got to be west cos the front door faces towards the sea which is east (looking towards the rather cold north sea) if I look up (bout 30 degrees ish) I can see a very bright yellowish star/planet thingy. :eh:


does anyone know what it is? - its very pretty :D

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Sorry I haven't a clue :oops: . My Mum's partner is very into astronomy and would know the answer for sure, but it's a bit late for me to ring him now. I know there are a few keen astronomers on the forum, Nony Mouse is the first to come to mind (he's posted some amazing astronomical photos in the past) but he doesn't log on very often these days I don't think.

I do sometimes regret not knowing a bit more about our night skies, sometimes the stars are just so beautiful aren't they :D:D

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GRD used to be the resident expert on shiny things in the sky - he came back a while ago with some excellent photos - but seems to have scarpered again...


you there Graham??



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Check out heavensabove.com. Its very good for identifying stars and planets and for checking out when satellites are due to pass over.


They, and the International Space Station, are easy to see by eye as they are visibly moving points of white/yellow light that you can spot moving past the stars. (If they are flashing with coloured lights, then they are aeroplanes of course :) )

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