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Garlic/chicken spice

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Hi guys :D


Just got some garlic powder and chicken spice from Omlet but can you tell me how much to use. I've got 3 chickens and I top up the Grub bowl every 3 days.


Had my girls about 10 days now and Pheobe is getting so tame, I let them all out for a run in the evening and she will follow me to the shed while I get the mealworms, I'll sit on the shed step and she hops onto my knee and helps herself :lol: It's great, everybody should have chickens :D

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I use a 5ml medicine spoon and added a heaped one of those to a grub of food.


I use garlic powder all the time. I only use the spice as an extra boost when my chickens are moulting, got the sniffles etc.


And I agree with you that everyone should have at least a couple of chickens :P

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