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beach chick

moving eglu question - sorry me again!

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because our 4 are in an eglu and basic run, and there seems to be an enormous amount of poo after just 3 days, we are thinking we should move it this w/e before fencing arrives mid next week.

question: do you shut birds in eglu, detach run and move separately, or do you shut birds in run, take lid off eglu and move heavy bit first, or what?

sorry, this sounds completely paranoid but I dont want to stress the girls, or - worse - risk losing them while we move them!

thank you for bearing wth idiot newbie...

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Hi there Beach chick,

My Eglu and hens came on Tuesday and I had the same problem as you about the amount of poo. :shock:

I'll probably find out that I am completely wrong now but this is what I done...........


Because the girls weren't allowed at of the run I ended up just closing the Eglu door with the girls in the run.

I took the Green (or whatever colour you have) lid off and then pulled the run end down the garden little by little untill the whole run was positioned on fresh grass.


I will admit that I tried pulling the whole thing with the Eglu lid thing on but it wouldn't budge!! I like to think it's because the ground was wet-not because I'm a weakling!! :oops::lol:


The girls LOVED being on fresh grass so it was worth it but now I let them free range when I am out there so moving the Eglu should be easier next time cos I'll be able to lift it up to drag it. (Couldn't do that when they were in the run in case they just ran out)! lol :wink:


Hope that helps a little-I'm hardly an expert, I've had my hens for 5 days today!!

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I am sure that somewhere on this site (probably in the guide section) there is a video clip of someone moving the eglu, all in one piece, by dragging it, holding onto the end of the run. I take the top off and remove the glug and grub, but that is how I move mine. No problems so far.

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