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little Red Hen

Safe garden pest control advice/tips anyone?

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Recently took delivery of two lovely hens. Have fenced off the small veg patch and planted my runner beans yesterday. Aware I can no longer use slug pellets because of the girls but previous years have had alot of slugs and snails destroying the veg plants. Have tried to use little pots next to each bean plant with a little lager inside or should it be beer? Could I perhaps sprinkle a little salt around each plant? Wanted to get the peas in today. Cannot be certain the girls won't get onto the patch even though it has a small fence around it so MUST be safe to them just incase. They have been eyeing up my newly planted beans!!!! Also we get alot of ants in the summer. I assume that ant powder,etc is just as toxic to them. Would the girls eat the ants or should I just use boiling water if I get small ant nest??Any advice much appreciated.

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Hi :D


My girls don't eat ants, and we get hundreds in the veg beds :( but if you disturb the nest, they will eat the eggs :D I don't know about ant powder as I don't use it sorry, but someone else may be able to shed a little light onto it's safety for you :?


I'm hoping to get more done on our veggie beds today :D fingers crossed


karen x

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Thanks for the info on the ants. My lager pots seem to have worked as I found a dead slug in one of them this morning. Fed it to the hens. Probably shouldn't give them too many if I find more in the lager pots as I supposed if the slugs absorb the lager, then I could end up with a drunk hens!!!????

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There are others ways to minimise slug damage :D


none are completely sucsessful (that's not spelt right is it? :? ) but a combination of them should help.


Slug pubs (you can also use marmite in water, it's the yeast they're after)


I start peas off in cardboard toilet roll tubes indoors and then plant them out complete (no root disturbance that way) cos slugs love 'em young and tender.


Sprinkling bran is reputed to slow them down.


They hate copper, those copper scourers are very cheap and can be pulled apart to make plant collars.


Salt can damage the plants so I would avoid that.

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