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Egg Confusion

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Bron is laying every day - she lays white eggs. They are normally laid around 11am.


I got home half an hour ago and found Tuesday in the nest box. We were certain it was going to be Carmen who laid next because of the redness and prominence of her comb.


I sat and watched Tuesday. About 10 minutes later she came out and did that very proud and loud crowing noise that Bron made after she had laid her first egg. I waited until she had walked out of the run to join the other girls and popped open the egg hatch. Well what a strange thing ..... nothing in the nest box apart from what was definitely egg yolk. Then I noticed something strange under the large bars. Sat right next to each other were two soft empty shells, immediately next to 2 perfect eggs (as in no shells). They had definitely been laid by the same bird. They are a very light pinky brown, so I don't think they are Bron's as we have had no problems with her eggs at all, and they certainly weren't white.


I quickly cleaned out the eglu so that "Ooops, word censored!"ody would get a taste for the eggs, turned my back and Tuesday was straight back in the nesting box (and still is as I type).


So now I am really confused as to who is laying / not laying / laying strangely.


Meanwhile Orla is back to herself again and running round as if she was never poorly (although she was sat on the ground beside the eglu when I got home, but as soon as I opened the run she was up and out, tail in the air).


All the girls are eating well, free ranging all weekend, and for at least 3 hours on week nights. They have constant access to grit and oystershell. They have been on cider vinegar for a week, in the hope that it would help pick Orla up, but yesterday was the last day, and Orla has had 2 doses of antibiotics. She is definitely the youngest as her comb is much paler and smaller than the others.


So now I am really confused. I have absolutely no idea who is laying what! Oh and Tuesday is still in the box - must be a good 20 minutes now. And Bron has yet to lay ....


Claire x



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I'm sure it is Tuesday too - as Bron has just laid! Only a few hours late then! I think I was wondering more whether it could be Carmen rather than Bron, as Tuesday seemed to have the right idea about using the nest box. Still, tomorrow is another day and another egg or three :).

You never know - I might have something I can cook with tomorrow

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I think sometimes they miss the nest box. Some of mine are nosy beggers so anything in the garden and they jump off the nest to have a look. Occasionally they don't get back on the nest again quickly enough! As they get more experienced they learn to sit there a bit longer. :lol: But we've had eggs in the run and on the bars. :roll:

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