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Nicola H

Ghostly goings on

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Hey, have you got a ghost too, Louise :shock: ??? I grew up in a house with a benevolent but clumsy ghost we called Oswald and my youngest is convinced he's moved in with us here!! A Roman Toad (oops - typo - not an antique amphibian - I mean ROAD :oops: ) runs right through our estate so we might have a Centurian - wow!!

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Yes I have a ghost but the house is over 200 years old so not surprising the oddest thing that ever happened was when I was watching TV one evening a picture on top of the telly shot into the air and flew across the room fortunately someone else saw it as no-one would believe me there were two pictures on top but only one flew as people reckon it was static or something I was there it wasn't static. It also likes to rearrange the cupboards at night. :shock::shock::shock: I am glad someone else has a sock monster :!::!:

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Our ghost was in a brand new bungalow which my parents bought when they got married. One of the builders fell into an inspection pit and was killed during the construction of the houses and we used to see eggcups etc fly off shelves, door handles move and hear footsteps walking round the room!


In this house - also new - the pictures fall off the wall suddenly and for no reason and a while ago a glass cake dome shot out of the larder when no one was near it and smashed on the floor even though it hadn't been moved by anyone! Explain that away all those cynics out there! We hear the floorboards creaking upstairs as if someone's walking on them but we put that down to the house settling and shifting. I have the feeling I'm not in the house on my own a lot of the time and we have lots of things go missing and then reappear in very obvious places :shock: !


I used to be a nurse and when I was in a particularly old part of the hospital which used to be a monastery, I followed someone that I thought was another nurse into the sluice only to find I was in there on my own! Spooky!!

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Hi ya everyone.


Could the ghost posting be moved to a new topic in the nesting box so we can all tell ghost stories, I love the topic and think it would be great for it to have a space of it's own. :D


Sorry, I hope you don't think i'm being moody, I don't care that it's in this topic I just think it would be a good running topic on it's own. :oops::?:wink:


I have a few ghost experiences and It would be great if more people joined in and we talked more about different things that have happened. :D


Kindest regards


-x- :wink:

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Hi Sammi


I don't mind the ghosts being here either but you can just start another topic :D


I don't think you can move individual posts - just move a whole topic or delete a post - perhaps it's just me being a useless moderator? :oops:


"Ooops, word censored!"ody believed my ghost anyway :cry:



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:shock: I am sure the avatar thing happened to Lesley, a couple of days ago ... I just haven't got around to reporting it :oops: . She too was a red cross in the top lesft hand corner :!: .


Talking of spooks .. my Dad was a Pilot in the RAF, and when we lived in Quarters my Mum and eldest brother used to see alot of nightly visitors. :shock::shock: .


Sarah WOOOOAHHHH ......

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