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Jakes Mum

New Rablu & Bunny Owner - Need Advice Please

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Hello Everyone,


Having seen the Rablu at a show I had decided it was the right thing for me and my 1 year old son, Jake.


Rablu is set up and seems great.


Next was the Bunnies - after advice from the vet I went to a local Rabbit rehoming place.


Again I asked for advice as I have never owned rabbits but do have dogs, cats & horses.


I found a 6 month old neutered male mixed breed rabbit who I was assured was placid and didn't bite - great.


I was advised he should have a friend and the friend should be a female, but there were only 2 females available, one was pregnant and the other, a beautiful smokey grey 3 year old had only arrived that day.


As she had only just arrived I was very unsure so I said I would take the male and then visit the female again over a period of 2 weeks so an idea of her personality could be assessed.


When I telephoned the next day to arrange a time to collect Ace (the male) I was told the female had already been put in with him. I said I was not too sure about this and I would come and see them together.


When I arrived they seemed fine but I was then told the female was not spayed. I was very worried but was advised by the lady that the female rabbit should be fine as she had shown no signs of aggression in the 3 days she had been there.


Anyway, railroaded a bit, I agreed to take them both, £35 for the male and £20 for the female.


They see to have settled in to the Rablu just fine and the grey female is actually quite lovely and very tame.


After having been in the Rablu for 3 days trouble free they have now started to try and mate - both mount each other and then fight with clumps of fur flying.


This has been going on for 3 days now and is happening 5-6 times a day and who knows at night


I rang the rehoming centre and was told sometimes unspayed females can do this (WHY I wasn't told this initially is beyond me), and they should settle down in a few days.


Please does anyone have any advice as I feel totally disillusioned and ready to take both rabbits back.


Thank you,


Jake's Mum.

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My rabbits have been togher from 9 weeks and do 'hump' from time to time, male has been 'done' female hasn't but due to some heavy duty nesting behaviour and aggresion lately have decided she needs the op as well. They love each other really but some times her hormone related moods can make her aggresive, so decided an op for her is best for both. Give them a bit more time, if they are not young, can take longer for them to bond.

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I say give them some more time.I have a boy and girl and they have both been done, this may be your next step, also you don't say, but if you can and its safe, leave the rablu door open at night, hope this helps :D

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(Hi Jakes Mum - did you see the Rablu at the Sulgrave show? I think I remember a little Jake visiting the stand that day).


Bunnies will hump, neutered or not - it's a pecking order thing as much as sexual.


Female bunnies (mine were at Sulgrave) will hump each other even when they are neutered (see above). I would recommend that all female bunnies are done as they have a high incidence of uterine cancer and can be terribly hormonal if you don't - all responsible breeders/suppliers will recommend this, and should also recommend that bunny breeding is left to the experts as it can get tricky, with baby bunnies being eaten. :shock:


I hope that this helps and that your bunnies settle down eventually. You don't mention how the rescue centre managed the introduction, but (like with hens) it should be done gradually, starting with them watching each other from adjacent enclosures. Generally it goes well, but there have been some buns who were mauled quite badly when an intro went wrong.


Do let us know how you get along.

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