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Chickens and eglu coming Monday.........

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.....we're definitely having 3; Gingernut, Pepperpot and a third - DH knows what this one is (I presume another Gingernut or Pepperpot) but isn't quite willing to tell me so there is a small surprise still. They are now coming during our mother/toddler session (at our house this week, fortunately), so there will be about 10 under 4s watching from the window as it's all set up - hopefully the Omlet person won't mind :wink: - and no doubt all the tots will be rushing out to greet the girls at the earliest opportunity! (Poor girls.... :roll: )


I am so excited! :D:D Just had to share.


I think I've got everything ready - collected aubiose today (DS kept asking if I really wanted it for my birthday - he was most unimpressed), and I've stocked up on sweetcorn at the supermarket.


Roll on Monday,



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Really excited now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D


Not sure about names, as I think the children will want to name them. I have a (short) list for them to choose from but I'm guessing they will have their own, very definite, ideas and my list will be abandonned........ I expect I'll get to name one on the baby's behalf as she can't talk yet.


I'll update tomorrow with full details - and no doubt with the most unusual chicken names on the forum - will a chicken answer to Lunar Jim?



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Are you up and running yet? You're going to love em.


We go ours (eglu and run) on Tuesday last week. The girls were picked up in Gloster on Wednesday. Boy can they poo... :shock:


Been trying to tame them which is fun.


First night I had to persued them to go into egle with the end of the sweeping brush - definatly a 2 person job.

Second night - they went in all on their own. - Job sorted.

We've moved them twice around the garden, but have decided on a perminante pitch (more sheltered).


The seem to like to eat sweetcorn out of our hands OK. so the taming goes on.

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They're here! :D:D:D:D:dance: The mystery hen was a Spekledy!!!! :o:D8)


A really chaotic day today with 10 under 4s watching the arrival of the hens, a baby who hasn't stopped screaming and fantastic chickens to watch! Roger set up everything very efficiently despite driving rain and a very vocal audience lined up at the windows. The purple eglu is fab! :D:D:D


My children named Delores ('the orange one') after the hen from Lunar Jim and Dib Dab ('the black one') and Dotty ('the dotty one') and are desperate to pet them - the chickens who have been pretty friendly are rather less keen on children so far (I don't blame them - I would be worried by 10 toddlers too!).


A few pics are here:


not great, but I'll try to sort out some better ones tomorrow.


They are so funny :lol: We have laughed loads. Best of all was the hokey cokey as it got dark, as they first went into the eglu, then came out, then in, then out... Delores took the plunge first, then came out again to round the others up, then back in, then rounding up, then Dib Dab had a go, then Delores, then finally Dib Dab and Dotty went in with Delores bringing up the rear. I rushed out to shut the door (abandonning my specially cooked tea much to DH's disgust), just as Delores began considering a final dash out again.....


What a great time we are going to have with The Three Degrees tomorrow. I don't even mind being a year older :wink:



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Brilliant news Jan, they look gorgeous!

I LOVE their names - Dib Dab, Dotty and Delores - they sound so right together :lol: (Presume DibDab is from a Doodle-Doo fan? :lol: My boys love it!)

Laughed at them doing the hokey-cokey as well!

Keep the pictures coming and have a great day with them tomorrow!

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