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My two angels finally came out of the eglu

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Bonjour tout le monde!


Today was my first full day with our two new friends!

Yesterday after they arrived, and this morning, they wouldn't come out of the eglu and would not touch their food at all...


But after reading some answers that some of you guys gave me on this forum, i got the trick: treat them to grapes and sweet corn!


That did it right away!!!

i put a few sweet corn in a line to lead them out of the eglu first and then to their feeder and water gluggy thing.


i can't take my eyes off them! they are beautiful!!


and now we are friends! if i come anywhere near the eglu they come towards me (obviously expecting another treat).

i have even been able to hold them a couple of times! it felt magic!!!


am i over the top, or where you like that too?


one thing i wanted to say to all the people who visit this forum and are keen on helping anyone asking for advice: tank you very much, guys! you are great people, and i feel i now belong to a new sort of family where everyone is funny and kind hearted!


super cool!!




PS: need help again: how do you attach a picture to a post on this forum?

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That is such great news! :D




The only way to add photographs or pictures to your postings is to have them hosted somewhere else on the internet already or are in the Omlet Gallery. There are lots of photo hosting sites like www.photobucket.com where you can upload photos which can be used on forums. When you have a picture uploaded in one of these sites, right click on the picture you want to put into a topic on the forum and up will come a little menu box. Select "Properties" in that menu and you should see "Address Url". Highlight this address from the http: to the .jpg, .gif etc at the end then this can be pasted into your posting box when you are replying or starting a topic on the forum. To make the image display in the topic, you need to highlight the address again and click the "Img" button at the top right of your posting box. This will put brackets around the address and when you click submit, this will be replaced by the photograph or picture.

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Great news Yann, thanks for the update :)


They sound like they've already settled in well. I could sit and watch the chickens in my garden for hours...its addictive isnt it!


I think my garden would be so boring without them now, and they have such personalities.


Wonder when you'll get your 1st egg? Let us know wont you :dance:

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Hi Yann,


I'm so pleased you had a great day today with your new "girls". I was very over the top on the first few days and 1 month later I am still the same. My friends are fed up with me talking about chickens and my husband is too (but he loves them really). When I read the posts on this forum I know that I am not alone and others are equally chicken mad (as you know yourself - it only takes 1 day).


Mine rush up to see me too. I let them out after 5 days, and now that they are free ranging in the garden they come running every time the back door opens. It's really funny.



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I get that look from everyone! :lol: I want to tell everyone about the new eglu and chickens that I will be adopting but they don't want to know!! :shock:


When I've had enough of a house full of boys, I go and sit in the garden and talk to the chooks. :D

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Congratulations Yann. :clap: Looking forward to seeing those photos.


Katy, Chelsea, Snowy You have company. Mr C and I are just the same, - totally obsessed. We went out to lunch with friends yesterday and must have bored them silly with chicken stories. The excitement is real and sooo much better than the fake hype on the telly. Share your anticipation with us, we understand, Snowy, we are eager to listen :D

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