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beach chick

feeding question

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at the moment, my girls (18 weeks) are having layers pellets available all the time, plus they are semi free range (omlet fencing round eglu), so they do lots of pecking about. I am also giving them green stuff whenever it occurs, and they get about a handful of corn most days.


my question is, should I keep them in till they've eaten all the pellets, so they will lay (keep reading about making them eat pellets before anything else), or is what I;m doing ok? not worried that they are not laying yet, coz they are still young, but trying to think about the logistics!!


thanks in advance

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They do need the pellets to lay BC, as they contain everything they need to produce good eggs. Mine tend to get treats later in the day, about 1-2 hours before bedtime, so that they tend to fill up on pellets all day.


I just fill the grub up every few days and they take what they want.

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