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I think it's entirely up to you, really. If you want to keep the poo down, then pick it; if it doesn't worry you, then don;t bother. Every now and then I get the hose and power spray all areas down, in the run etc.


Actually poo was one of the reasons that we chose not to let ours have entire access to the garden - we have a 6 year old and I'd like him to be able to play without peeling chook poo off him!

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Mine stay in the run most of the time, and no - I don't pick poo out, I have aubiose in there and it has magical poo-absorbing properties!


About once a month I rake it all out and dump it in the compost heap, and spread a new layer of aubiose. I think at the moment, any poo is probably floating down the garden towards me, my poor girls are practically paddling, it's rained so much. :wink:

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My run is on grass and not permanent area. So with 4 of them, I've been moving the run every 3 days.


I was in the habit of the daily "flick the poo in the bucket and into the compost bin" routine (as you can see me doing so in my pics posted last week when Stella flew onto my back). But now seeing these posts here, I've followed their advice and have realised that the fresh poop (from that day) just dissolves when you direct the hose on it. So, for as long as there is no hosepipe ban, this is my new routine.


PS. Grass is very green now.

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