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Fighting chickens

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There is one problem with having a Cube as well an Eglu: you don't quite get around to integrating the chickens.


I had two dear little babies delivered with my Cube, and when I tried to put them in with my three existing chickens, the monsters behaved as though I was delivering a takeaway. Since then there have been some tentative introductions in the net pen, but I kept putting the little ones back in the old Eglu afterwards thinking "Maybe tomorrow". (I like a quiet life.)


Today I went to Cotswold Chickens to get a Bluebelle and an Amber Star. I deliberately chose small ones, so as not to alarm the big babies back home. I put the little babies in the Eglu with the big babies, and the latter (who have grown a lot in the ten days I have had them) started a two-pronged attack.


So I put the old babies in the Cube with the huge hens and left them to it. The atmosphere is very frosty, with the big babies staying upstairs in the Cube, but there is no fighting going on at the moment. The ones I bought today are really young and vulnerable: they still cheep.


I could not have chosen a worse day to take the train from Oxford to Banbury and then cycle to Cotswold Chickens and back: not only was it very wet, windy, and cold, but the train back was a very crowded one going on to Bournemouth and was full of unhappy holidaymakers sitting on the floor of the guard's van: they had to move so that I could get my bicycle on.


I cannot praise Cotswold Chickens highly enough. They supply hens to Johannes when Omlet runs out.

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it isn't easy getting close to take photographs: the earlier new ones were always hiding from the old hens; and now the later new ones will be hiding from both the old new ones and the old hens. And of course now it is pouring with rain too. I will try to get pictures tomorrow (if the rain ever stops).


I was much braver introducing my first new pair last year: I had nowhere else to put them and shoved them in the Eglu run with the original two and that was it.


The Gingernut is getting the most trouble from the old hens, because she doesn't merge into the darkness like the Pepperpot: they see a different colour out of the corner of their eye and they chase. (Even my gentle Cochin has had a snap at the new hens, but she doesn't like running, so it doesn't amount to much. Alma has a bumper bit on, so it's really only my Wyandotte that can do damage.

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Here as requested are some pictures of my new chickens. The grey one is a Bluebelle, and the white one is an Amber Star: both are hybrids. They are very young and still cheep, so I daren't put them in the Cube with the other five yet.






I hope they will work out where their bed is tonight: I have had to crawl along two extensions for two nights running to get them in.

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Gorgeous girls, Gallina - I do love Bluebelles, they are my favourite breed.


Chookiehubbie has spent the last 2 nights on his hands and knees shooing our two new girls into the Eglu - it's pouring tonight, so I hope they make their own way, as I can't see him being happy about crawling around on the wet grass!

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I wouldn't leave the hens out because of the foxes that visit our garden; but I wouldn't leave such little ones out anyway, as they are quite upset when darkness comes and run round cheeping. They have spent their life so far in a huge shed with lots of little friends, and they need somewhere safe and cosy in this nasty weather. I just hope they work it out tonight. I wear very old trousers, needless to say. The worst bit is getting through the door, as I am too big to crawl in, so I have to do the first part nearly on my belly.

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