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I thought I'd better introduce myself as a new member to your happy group. I took delivery of my cube on Friday and should get some hens next week.


The hens will be on loan from a friend who has too many chooks right now -she just doesn't have room for them all at present. Depending on what her broodies produce I'll either return the "loan hens" or have a ready made family. I do have two hens on order from the Meadowsweet agent as well.


I'm new to chicken keeping in my own right (although I look after my friend's flock when she is away) but my grandparents kept several hundred birds commercially.


Helen P

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Hi Helen, and hi Chicken04, I'm new here altho I've been checking out the forum for a month or so. My cube (or rather hubbys - it's a pressie for him!) doesn't come til June - we're getting 5 chooks from Omlet too. The cube pictures from the people who had theirs delivered last week look FANTASTIC! It look s MUCH bigger than I thought. What colours have you got? I've gone for purple cos it' s fab!!




Mrs Bertie

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I have the red cube as the local smallholders and farmers say that foxes don't like red..... :?: I'm not sure if they were winding me up but as red is my favourite colour I didn't need a lot of encouragement. Actually most of the farming people here keep their feed and so on in red containers.


My friend's hens are never up before 9am..... they have free access to their run so sort themselves out morning and night. Even when it is sunny they refuse to get up early and if it is raining don't leave their beds at all (lucky things). If you disturb them they swear at you.......


Funny things, if you sort them out in the afternoon they are all very keen to come and tell you their news. My daughter (age 19!) was scared of them at first but is now totally enchanted and begs to go to see to them. She is even first in the Q to help clean them out! She's not quite so keen on the pigs though :)


Another friend inherited her hens with her new house (planned). Her Ladies are now 8 or 9 years old and still laying - only every three or four days now rather than nearly every day but she'll let them live out their natural lives with her.

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9 am? :shock: my girls are up before 5 am, well they were the one and only time this week that I was up to verify it!


That's interesting about red, I haven't heard that but anything that puts foxes off would be worthwhile. There will be lots of people on here who are very :mrgreen: including me, only had my Eglu 3 months and already I'm hankering after a cube.


Your friend's hens sound very happy, if she's managed to keep them that long and they are still laying. I'm glad your daughter has been won over, it doesn't take long, does it!

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