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a pic & a health question. . .

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A recent pic of Rosemary & Clarisse at the back of the yard. They typically have stayed close to the Eglu & patio, but now they explore the entire yard. Still I think they hold any poo's for the patio!


I've noticed birds going into the Eglu to get the Girls' food. I have bird feeders in the trees, but I guess they like the chicken food instead. I saw the girls chasing a few of them away.


I was reading a new "how to" chicken book today, and it was talking about "worming". Are there things like this that should be done on a regular basis?


Or if you only have a couple of birds. . .is clean water, good food, free ranging, dustbaths, clean Eglu, a little garlic and ACV enough to ward off most things. . .and then you just deal with health issues as you see them?

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