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How did you choose your first chickens?

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Or did they choose you?


We know that we need chickens who can cope with 3 children, dogs, cats and guinea pigs, other than that we don't know where to start. Being Scottish (are there any other Scottish chicken keepers here?) we're well outside Omlet's delivery zone so we'll have to pick our own chickens which is a hugely daunting task as chicken newbies! We want someone to tell us what to do!!


We keep looking at all your fantastic pictures and going "ooooooooooh that one's nice" but surely we have to do more than just pick the one that we think looks prettiest?

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Hello from a fellow Scot!!!!


Where abouts in Scotland are you? When we got our first chickens, we went along to the breeder, and she showed us what to look for in a healthy chicken and helped us pick out 4 different chickens that would lay 4 different eggs, so we could differentiate between them.

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From Paula's Poultry? She is FANTASTIC, and the breeder that I always use - i just got 2 girls from her yesterday - see the posting 'Balamory babes'... 8)


I'm in the Borders as well - just over the border from Berwick. :D

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Hello and welcome!


We got our chickens last October from Paula's Poultry near Jedburgh. I heartily endorse other posters' positive comments about Paula - she's an excellent poultrywoman and a lovely person too. In fact we decided to go to her for our birds because of previous feedback about her on the Omlet forum and because she was so friendly and helpful when I emailed her with my initial enquiries.


I don't know if the situation has improved, but when we started looking for our chickens there was a national shortage of point of lay hybrids so I emailed Paula first to ask which birds she had in stock and she reserved the ones we wanted. Jedburgh is a bit of a jaunt for us (we live in the south side of Glasgow) but it was well worth the journey. We'll never forget the excitement of the trip home with 2 chickens in boxes in the back!


Our chickens are Blanche (a Sussex Star) and Stella (a Speckled Star). Both have excellent, friendly temperaments and are happy to be picked up and cuddled by my husband and myself and our 3 boys aged 15, 12 and 9 (we have 2 snakes and a gecko too but I don't think the chickens will ever get to meet them!). We are absolutely delighted to have the chickens, they are lovely pets and a great talking point - and the eggs are to die for!


The only problem we've had was that Stella went broody a few weeks ago; I found good advice about this on the Omlet forum (a veritable treasure trove of valuable information) but I also emailed Paula because when we got the birds she'd said to get in touch with her if we had any questions. She quickly told us what to do and - bingo! - Stella went back to her old self in a couple of days and has now started laying again.


I'm sure you and your family will love your chickens and you'll be amazed by all the friendly advice and support from your fellow Omleteers here on the forum. :lol:

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Hi again,


Should have mentioned - we chose hybrids because they are bred to be better layers and more disease resistant than pure breeds. We think they're very pretty, but there's no denying that lots of the pure breeds are absolutely stunning to look at. :)

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