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Perfect Party Guests

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I have been inspired by last nights fantastic Jonathan Ross Show to write a list of people who would make my perfect party guests.

This is of course on top of friends,family & you lot!


Some I love for their wit, some for musical ,acting or writing talent,some I just plain fancy.....


I would love to know who you would invite too.


Stephen Fry

Jonathan Ross

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne

Sean Bean

John Cusack

Angelina Jolie (I suppose she can bring Brad along if she MUST)

Kylie (for the Hubby)

Jo Rowling

Ade Edmonson & Jennifer Saunders

Chris Stewart (author of Driving Over Lemons)

Phillip Pullman (author of His Dark materials)

Eoin Colfer (author os Artemis Fowl)

Anthony Kiedis

Jack & Meg White

Janice Dickinson

Judi Dench

Pete & Geoff from the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show

Mark Lamarr

Jo Brand

Jim Carey

Kate Winslet


Hmmm....I seem to have quite a few there.

Maybe I sould call the caterers in?

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You definitely need the caterers for that lot Sarah*


I'll probably have to do my list in bits because my brain goes AWOL :roll:


I'd have to start with.....

Chris Bonington and Joe Simpson my mountaineering heroes

Monty Don and Bob Flowerdew - gardening chat

Hayley Westenra - she could sing!


Now I'll have to go and think!

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Hmmmm, that's a difficult one Sarah.


I'd invite...


Peter Jackson (director of LOTR - we could talk Hobbits!)

Viggo Mortensen

Goran Ivanisevic

Brenda Blethyn

Ray Mears

Rick Stein

Clarissa Dickson Wright

Pierce Brosnan

Judi Dench (are we allowed to share her as a dinner party guest, Sarah?)

Bill Oddie

Pippa Greenwood from Gardeners World

Alan Titchmarsh

The late Geoff Hamilton (we can hold a seance as we can't have the previous two guests and not have the best ever gardener :wink: )

Marguerite Patten

James Blunt

Angela Georghiu

Bryn Terfel


Gosh Sarah, this is hard!

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Kate, I must tell you, when my youngest daughter was about 6 she kept saying that she like the bloddyman

We had no idea what she was on about, & this went on for ages,in fact we even suspected an imaginary friend.

Then we were watching TV one day & she piped up "There he is, the bloddyman"....& it was Bill Oddie


Great list.

Rick Stein & Ray Mears would be welcmone at mine too, as would the divine Hugh F-W, Ray Winstone.

Also Euan McGregor & Charley Boorman & Mikey from OCC


And if we are talking seances, can I add Frank Sinatra?

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Yes of course! Surely we can have people past and present as it is a virtual dinner party, isn't it?


In which case, I'd have to add....


Billie Holiday

Eric Morecambe

Princess Diana

Dame Celia Johnson

Ronnie Barker

Richard Beckinsale

Wilfred Owen

John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (for some rather bawdy poetry when we're all sozzled!)


BTW - funny you should say that about Bill Oddie - we call him Bloddy too!!

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