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Nicola O

Chickens eaten starling

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This morning, when I let the girls out to freerange for the day I noticed a dead starling in the middle of the lawn. It hadn't just been killed as there was a couple of tiny maggots on it, so I guessed that the cat had found it somewhere and left it on the lawn for me.


I made a mental note to clear it up when I got in from work (I was running late this morning so thought I'd leave it till later) but just got in and found it has been eaten :shock: and not in the way a cat would (norman eats the whole body, feathers, bones etc. and just leaves the head and wings).


This was just a skeleton laying there surounded by a few feathers, the wings were a few feet away. It had been picked clean :shock:. Have my lovely chooks eaten the starling (I can't think of any other explaination) I've heard of them eating frogs and mice but not other birds. Don't think I'll eat tomorrows eggs, I'll give them to the girls at work, I just won't tell them !!



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