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Candy Corn for Halloween

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I am desperate to get hold of some Candy Corn for Halloween.

Its my girls favourite, & we get it every year, but my usual source (CyberCandy) is out of stock :?


Has anyone else seen it anywhere, or does anyone know of a good online source?


By the way, it is the little kernel shaped orange & white stripey American things (not a great description, but I hope it helps!)

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I wish I was computer proficient enough to post a picture here for you!


If you see it, you will recognise it from all the American movies like ET .

It is an American classic sweetie!


They even sell candyCorn buttons, earrings & charms on eBay.


I did find some on Amazon.com

But, as it is coming from America, they are charging $33.00 shipping for 1 $3.50 bag of Candy!

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