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Sue and the Spice Girls

After all that waiting they've arrived!

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Hi all,


Just to let you know, Clove, Pepper, Cinnamon and Ginger arrived last night about 6pm in thier very posh green cube. William was super and answered my long list of questions!


Three of the girls were very brave and went out immediately but after a little while Ginger followed. Clove was first to eat but they all did eventually.


We checked on them after dark and they were all huddled in the roosting area looking very cute.


This morning I opened the door but they did not seem to want to go out, but I'm sure they will, especially now I've moved away.


Thomas the cat probably dosen't help! He's not sure WHAT we've done.


Anyway I'm looking forward to getting to know the girls!

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Isn't it exciting! We got our 3 chickens last thursday and now it feels like they've always been here. Our 12 year old cat, Henry, couldn't believe what we'd done either! But he's been fine, tries to pretend they're not there most of the time. Enjoy your day with them!



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I got mine yesterday. First time too. I can't get over how adorable they are. The noises that they make are so cute. I could watch them for hours. Today, mine have been introduced to new noises including a police siren, the bin lorry coming, a dog, a cat and next doors jacuzzi.

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I still am in and out like the proverbial yoyo, and it's 3 weeks today!! poor birds, they've realised whether I've got something in my hand or not - if not, they don't get up but just sneer at me... wish they were tamer though, but we are perseverign with the night time strokes (only time we can get close) and waiting for eggs ...

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