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Advice please - prolapse vent

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Noticed this morning that Bella has a prolapsed vent. Have seperated her form the other girls and at the moment she is in a dog crate in the shed. Have given her a bit of corn and some water. I gently pushed the prolapse in, twice now, but it comes back out. I've read on the forum all the advice I can and I'm going to get some Preperation H and a stretchy bandage this afternoon. I understand that I've got to try and put a stop to her laying, ie, darken room and no layers BUT if I go the stretchy bandage route obviously I've got to make sure she definatley doesnt lay an egg because surely it would cause even more problems if she tried to lay an egg and is bandaged up!!!????!!! I will obviously put a slit in the bandage for her to poo but should I make the hole big enough just in case she lays???


Thanks for any advice.

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I hate post that say sorry no advice... but only had it once and sadly there were other problems too, not suggesting your same, someone will come along that has but I would ring your vets and check availability for later today or tom morning, so that if the advice is get her to the vets if not better in x time you will be prepared with times vets etc and not needing to panic...

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Not tried the bandage method but using the prep H will help get the swelling down. You can also use sugar, I found that really drew the water from the swelling. Little point in getting it to stay in while swollen it will just get pushed out.


Good luck, be interested to hear how you get on. If she's off it or the vent smells or infected she'll need antibiotics and I would go to vet for antibiotic cover anyway. Hope it isn't a bad one.

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