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Chateau Charlottechicken 2009

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Well, I won't have enough to make a bottle of wine, but my new grape vines are doing nicely 8)



This is the red one,



and this is the white one :D


They were bought six weeks ago and had some forced tiny white shoots on them, but they were alive, so I rescued them :D


Can't wait for the harvest, in 2009 or 2010 :roll:

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You will get a harvest next year and if you get any flowers in the next few weeks you could even get some very small grapes by the end of the summer.


Ones I planted last year have loads of flowers on this week. :D


Ooh, that's good news Jaime! I hope you get a decent crop on yours this year. What type have you got, and have you found them easy to train and look after? I kept the instructions and will follow them to the letter, never had a vine before.


Mine are Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, both £2.49 from Woollies, probably not the best ones for eating? They were poorly but alive when I got them.


Dont forget to invite us to the all important taste testing :wink::lol:


Will do! :lol:

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