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What's wgong with the Eglu

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We've had the Eglu for about 2 years now and never had any real problems with the chooks at all after they had settled down and became a pair.

The eggs were always laid in the Eglu nest up until about 4 days ago when one of the daft chooks decided to give her eggs to a neighbour for some reason. :roll:

We have tried keeping them in the run until after she has laid but she seems to be able to bottle the egg up until we let her out of the run and then she makes a bee line as fast as any chicken can run to the same spot every time and lays an egg. :twisted:

At the moment I don't think that the neighbour knows about the eggs and has not claimed posession.

How do we convince her that the eggs are ours and she should start laying once more in the lovely Eglu? If that fails how do we convince the neighbour that the eggs are ours?:lol:


Thanks for any ideas and suggestions

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how about just blocking off the area she's running to? or if that doesnt work then as she is running to the area quickly grab her and put her through the egg port she'll soon get the message.

also make sure theres nothing in the nesting box thats upsetting her.

as for the neighbors just say "my chicken, my eggs :shock: " if that doent work bribery will. :wink:


good luck! :D

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just had a fit of the giggles- a 'slad' (for those who dont play D&D with their kids, sorry I'm such a geek) is a giant frog-like demon thing, which would certainly scare her back into the eglu!

Ignore me, I have a hangover you could sell to science......

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:lol: Your version should do the trick, Rhapsody! :lol:


Would it be easy to block access to the neighbour's garden? If so, she could at least lay in yours if not the Eglu.

My hens make garden nests and I've found exactly the same, they do seem to hold on somehow, and even go off lay if they are in pen for a few days. :shock:


At least mine are in my garden, but it's a game finding new nests. :roll::lol: ..esp. under holly.... :evil:

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