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24 week chooks v 10 week pullet

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On a mad moment of weakness we collected a 10 week pullet, thinking that as the girls, Speckle & Freckle, were still quite new they would take to her reasonably well...they havent ! :cry:

I have read here about introducing new girls and have tried:

1, letting them just get on with it

2, trying 1 to 1 with differenct hens

3, putting pullet next to eglu (in home made run & pet carrier !!)

4, last night they all slept together ( I sat outside the eglu until 10.30 just to check :? As soon as they were out into the run this morning they were really aggresive again.

5, They all free range OK as new girl hides and avoids them really well but seems lonely. - we are thinking of calling her Dash !

What shall I do ?

1. Get another pullet so the new one isn't lonely..and can share the bullying? Have 2 lots of 2 ! (Hubby liberated a rabbit hutch yesterday from a skip and can convert that to a cube like house :roll: )

2. Stick with it, keep them in the run and keep the kids away...maybe go out for half a day.(14 year old son is in tears :shock: )


We are away next weekend and I have to resolve this before we go as they cannot free range whilst we are away.

Oh yes...and no eggs! I think they all hate me

Please please help

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Hello Zircon


How long have you had the new little one? It can take a week for them to settle down. We kept our new one sectioned by netting, but so that they were all next to each other, for a week. When they were put together, we placed plenty of feed stations so that the older ones could not stop the new one from feeding and drinking.


Who will be looking after them while you are away? will they be able to cope with two sections and leave the introduction until you get home?


If all else fails - leave your new pullet with us while you are on holiday! PM me if you need to persue that :)

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I agree with Lesley's advice and would only add that the age difference is the main problem. I definitely wouldn't leave them to get on with it as poor little Dash is too immature to stand up for herself and is likely to be bullied by the grown ups until she starts laying herself. Be prepared for separate accommodation for a while yet.

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OK thats decided then, Convert Rabbit hutch for Dash to live in chalet accomodation, but not alone.....will get another to keep her company.

Big girls to live in deluxe hotel (eglu) until they learn to love her !!!

Hubby if you are reading this.................get the wood out !!!!!

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Your new chick should settle in okay with Dash, once they have sorted out who is top of the pecking order. Best to keep them separate from the big girls until they are big enough to hold their own though.


Good luck with your babies!

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Thank you for your quick and helpful replies, Hubby & son (minty982 - who gets a good telling off for bad spelling !! :roll: ) have collected another pullet to keep Dash company, we saw her on Saturday when we collected Dash, she has a curved beak, I am told that they are just sorting out the pecking order but seem to be getting on fine.

The odd thing is that we only wanted another hen to keep Speckle & Freckle company when the other was laying, today when Freckle was laying Speckle went and lay next to Dash(who was confined to barracks for a rest ) :wall:

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HI Zircon.


I see your in South Birmingham & you've just got 10 week old babes. 8)


Can I ask where you got them from? We are having trouble finding youngsters. I phoned a couple of places - but Gloucester is the nearest I can find with any. :roll:


We are looking to get a few chooks soon. We have the pen & run already for them. 8)

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We collected them from Umberslade Farm, Tanworth in Arden. They only have Gingers, the white ones (technical name !) are probably not hens :cry:

It is basically a childrens farm, but she does sell her chicks. She had quite a few, and was very helpful.

As they need a bit of feeding before production she was selling at £3 each. They seem to be in good health and she did say that she would have them back if there was a problem which I took to be a good thing.

They are about 10 weeks old and she does have some even smaller ones, but they were way too young for us.

It is a lovely place to visit as she has many small farm animals for children to see. My Daughter had never seen a Turkey before and was quite amazed at seeing a live one :?

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Zircon, that is super duper news! I even know a lady who works there part time.


I'll be calling her tomorrow.


We want some chicks, 10 weeks or younger is great news. £3 is fantastic & ginger is just what we want... I presume they are hybrids?

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Well, Hubby and James constructed a henhouse yesterday for the 2 new babies. We are calling it the Travelodge, and the Eglu is the Hilton ! It is not quite as glorious in design as the cube but they haven't done a degree in design (yet !). The babies are getting on better, but still not great, and there is enough room for the new baby to get away from Dash, hopefully over the forthcoming weekend they will learn to love each other.

Speckle & Freckle are very interested in the new house but I think that may be because of all the attention it is getting ! All 4 girls had cuddles last night to reassure them (and me).

The new baby is my greatest concern now as she has the terrible runs, hopefully though that should be better by tonight as she has a room with a connecting door to Dash so she can get away. Also she is a bit more flighty and can jump up the ladder with a bit of wing assistance and looks down at Dash, whereas Dash likes to stroll about and prefers to sit in the dirt ! The new baby has a curved beak and I am wondering if that will give Dash eason for picking on her more ? They both roosted together last night and it was lovely to see and hear all my girls tucked up for the night (albeit in different hotels ! :roll:

I have to confess that this week has been terrible for me and I have even contemplated taking the babies back to the farm for their benefit. I think I was so overwhelmed by the joy of having hens that I tried to run before I was walking properly. I just hope they settle down. :cry:

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Don't worry - I got carried away as well in the early days. The forum had only just come into being and there wasn't much advice available :roll::wink:


As long as they are next to each other for a while, things should settle down and then the final introduction shouldn't be so bad.

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