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Welcome back Jane!

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I've just spotted your lovely welcome back. Yes I should have been free from Magistrats' Hearings and betting shops last Tuesday but the rather strange ruling (we lost but in a peculiar way) led to lots of media interest and someone from the BBC in London (don't know if it's radio or TV) will be ringing again tomorrow. It is all a bit topical what with the new Gambling Bill hitting the House of Lords on 22 Feb. However I have managed to take back some of my life and have decided omlet forums definitely get precedence over that distant memory called housework.


Am doing my best to catch up on everyone's news - you guys have been incredibly busy while I've been occupied elsewhere. Memo to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position - try and log on at least once a week - the amusement quotient will more than make up for the lost sleep and help you keep track of real life :D


ps - if anyone else is threatened with a betting shop/casino dumped on them then just pm me - I can save you hours of research :!: I just wish there was a Guide Badge for knowledge of legislation and research relating to betting shops. I think the grimmest moment was the night I spent reading the Second Reading of the Gambling Bill from Hansard on the internet. Suggest dismissing MP as a possible career option for anyone sane enough to keep hens.

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