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Squawking noise

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Hi Everyone,


Nelly our Mrs Pepperpot has found her voice and decided to make this strange squawking noise she walks round holding her head up in the air, does anybody know what she is doing, does anybody elses chickens make this noise etc.


She doesn't do it all the time just every now and again, I thought it was because she had lost Doris in the garden and she was calling out to her.



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Bella, my little campine does this. It usually signals an egg laying session is about to start (not necessarily hers :shock: ). She struts round like a little cockerel crowing at the top of her voice. :roll: Then yesterday, Beryl my new gingernut laid her first egg for me, and she also announced it with a strutting, squawking session. My neighbours are gonna love me! :lol:

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Mine 'squawk' when they announce they've been very clever and laid an egg - or when congratulating someone else for doing the same :roll: . Belle is the worst and I often have to go out and praise her, then tell her to shut up :lol: . I'm sure my neighbours must sometimes think I have a cockerel (well, I have several, but all too young to crow :wink: ).

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Mine have a range of noises... the funnest is the "come here I've found something good to eat!"


The "announcing of the egg" is also a good sound. Luckily now we have moved the hen house it is out of earshot of the neighbours.


I do like the coo-ing noise they make to me when I am in the garden though - I think it translates as "feed me treats".


Helen in Hume

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