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how many chickens

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In a standard run and Mk2 eglu I would say 3 but allow them freerange time after work etc.


I had 4 in a run+converter and plenty of free range time. I think I could easily have got another chook in the eglu but the run would have been too small.


People publish their opinions/guidance about the matter but really you have tio judge yourself knowing how much time you will be able to let them out to free range.

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go for 3 chooks in the eglu and run (maybe 4 bantums), but I sugguest some free ranging time also.


Please dont take this as law, but I recon that I could get about 9 nomral chickens in the eglu to roost as my 3 always snuggle up together in one corner. :D Anyone else think that the eglu would hold more than 3? The run won't be too comfortable for more than 3 chickens though.


We made a simple enclosed free range area so that we could sit in it withthe chooks and hand feed to tame them. The enclosure was 3ft high chicken wire (10m long) and 10 x 4ft bamboo canes poked into the gorund. The approximate area was 4m x 2m and has been great fo rth egirls to get to know us.


After a week or so we let them out into the play area in the after noons. Two weeks after that we let them out free ranging for a 1 or so in the evening also.


Now the girls just stand at the eglu door and pine until we let them into the play area (who's training who?).


Occasionally one of them flies out of the play area, then is seen trying to climb back in to get back to the other 2 girlies.. damn funny to watch.


go for 3 chooks in a mark 2 eglu, you'll have hours of fun. But bee warned you will find oyurself loosing hours just sititng and watching them and their antics.

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I've had 5 chickens in the Eglu, and I think that's probably about as many as you could comfortably fit in, possibly 6 at a push, but no more. However, a standard run is really just enough for 3 at the most, so you could only house that many fi they were freeranging all day, or in a very large homemade run.

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I think you could def get 5 medium hens in the eglu at night. Our 3 all cuddle up and there is lots of spare around them. Agree with previous posts about 3 in the standard run. We have a run convertor which adds an extra metre, but the girls do free range most days. :D

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I have 4 in both of my Eglus and they all pile into one corner.....their would definitely be room for at least one more medium hen.


What Christian says about run space and free ranging is true though.


A standard run would be far too small for more than three for any length of time and could lead to squabbles.

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