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the new girls

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today i came home with ....


Bertha - a sussex star and a very big girl indeed

Bella - a bluebelle

Ruby - a speckledy

Milly - a brown nick - a gingery colour, and named after our best mate who is ginger - not sure how impressed he'll be!


Photos to follow soon ..ie. in a couple of days when they are allowed out to free range. I'm rubbish at trying to get photos in the run! Their big step-sisters are most curious as to why they have got siblings. I am dreading the creation of the new pecking order. We are going to keep them seperate for a week where they can see each other but not get to each other and then leave them to sort it out amongst themselves :anxious:


Claire x

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Congratulations, they sound lovely!

They seem to be a bit easier to integrate once they are able to all free range together. The weaker ones have more room to get out of the way. My two seperate flocks have been freeranging together for a few days now, started off with just a short time, and gradually increased it. Still have a few scuffles (whenever they see each other :roll: ) but they are getting less violent! :D

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