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Blood, advice please.

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Sorting out the pecking order of our new hens has led to bloodshed. After vicious pecking from Daisy (white hybrid) our poor little Brown Nick, Delia, was terrified and when i went to check on her cowering in the eglu she had spots of blood on her comb. I can't see any obvious place where she is hurt, it's definately not from her comb. I am new to hen keeping and not too confident handling them yet. Should i attempt to get her out for a good look? Then what do i do?

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You could spray her with the famous Purple Spray which is gentian violet....available at horsey type shops......the purple masks the colour of blood which is attractive to the hens.


If it continues you could try Anti Pecking spray which tastes vile and is supposed to put them off.


Have a powerful super soaker type water pistol to blast the aggressor with if you are about when it happens.


When they are drowsy you could lift her out and inspect and treat her wounds. They are much easier to deal with when in this state and don't flap about so you will find it easier to handle her.


Try not to worry too much.....things will improve.

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I noticed one of mine had been nipped on her comb - the only wound I could see was a tiny scab on the comb but blood spots everywhere! :shock: I think the comb must be a very vascular area so a tiny nick produces lots of blood before scabbing. But the others don't seem to notice blood on the comb - already red?? :?

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