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Nicola O

New 'Let's Grow Veg' magazine

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Last week I bought a copy of a new gardening mag called 'Let's Grow Veg'.


It was quite pricey - £8.99 - but it seems to be a seasonal mag rather than a monthly one as it just said 'spring 2007'. It was over 60 pages long, very informative and came with a free wall chart showing sowing, planting out and harvesting dates for lots of different veg, a DVD (i'm not sure what of as I've not watched it yet), a packet of plant labels and about ten packets of seeds :!: .


The best bit was the last page - an article on keeping hens, which recomended ex-battery hens as the perfect pet and talked about the pleasure in looking after them and watching them return to full health - it even had the number of the BHWT at the end. Excellent :D .



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I bought that about a month ago Nicola


It is really good, I only bought it really for the seeds, there were a couple of things I had forgotten to buy and so I reasoned that I might as well buy the mag instead of the seperate packets of seeds

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