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Mouse in the house!

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Yes - last night, my cat ' Holly' went and sat near to the eglu staring into my bushes. I thought she was watching flies as she soon gave up. I tucked the hens into bed & shut the eglu door, then came inside but left the back door open!

Then next minute the cat comes running in with a tiny field mouse in her mouth, plops it down so proudly and the damn mouse is running round my house!!!!!! It did run out again, but I could have killed my hubby. She shouts in his loudest voice ' Holly's got a mouse'!!!!!

I don't mind field mice, but if neighbours hear that, they will associate them with the chooks! Even though Holly cat used to occassionally bring me a field mouse or vole before we ever had any chickens!



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Husbands and their loud voices :roll::roll::wall:


Our cats are always bringing in mice and have been for the 11 years prior to the arrival of chooks :shock::shock:


In fact the other day I was in the lounge thinking there was a strange smell only to discover the remains of 2 dead mice under the sofa :shock::shock::shock: I had heard Jack Cat chasing something around the lounge in the middle of the night a few days beforehand but couldn't find anything in the morning so assumed he had taken them back out into the garden or had eaten them :shock::shock:

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such a regular occurence since I moved here (and well before I got any chickens) that I have a stock of 'humane' mousetraps. I used to think my cat Welly was on a mouse-rescue mission, he just kept bringing them in and then letting them go.


The New Year's Eve mouse, five minutes before I was due to drive to Norfolk to stay with friends, was a real treat ... it took 11 days to catch that one. :roll: Peanut butter worked in the end ... it kept nicking the chocolate out of the trap and legging it!


I don't think having chooks has anything to do with the mouse population.

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