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two new bantams

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Hi Ballgunner. Sorry i don't have bantams, but although I've read that they can be more nervous than bigger hens, I would try the same methods. ie plenty of treats and spending time with them. Also, they will probably quieten down as they mature and come into lay. Hope this helps and they soon settle down. :D

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I guess the more time you spend with them and pick them up, the more used to you they will get. One or two of our bantams have never got used to human contact but others will crouch down to let you pick them up now. Persistence and patience is the key I think!


I did see a program on chicken keping once that suggested opening the house when it's dusk and they're settling and gently picking them up then to get them used to human contact in calmer conditions but I'm not sure how recommended that is so don't quote me on it!

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