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Anyone ever used this course for their children to learn how to use a keyboard properly? Alexander came home from school with a letter about it, & it's designed for Junior school children in years 5 & 6.

We have signed up for it, & are waiting for the first lot of work to come in the post. The course lasts about 20 weeks, but it is done at his own pace. I am going to learn as well, then maybe I won't have as many typing errors :oops:

The gut asked me if I had anything to do with school, & until last year I was a governor, so I got 10% off the cost for that :!:

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there are some free online typing tutors that I found, dont know if they are any good (I havent got time to learn, I just use the spell checker :lol: )





I know someone who suggest the students use MSN with their friends - cos they have to type fast, they learn the keys of the keyboard a lot faster - we can tell at school which kids use MSN and which kids dont have pc's at home - its quite revealing

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