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cabbage and brocali catapillars!!!! help me!

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Too late for the ones you already have - you will have to pick them off by hand to be truly chemical free, or you can get some organic or non-organic spray to fight them off - but it will need to be reapplied each week or so. Not ideal either way.


Best thing to do is as soon as they are planted - net the whole area. I use anti-butterfly netting which you can get online from the organic garden catalogue. It lets the bees through, but the white butterflies can't get through. This worked really well for me - it keeps the bl##dy pigeons out too (and hungry chickens :roll: !).


It's not too late to start again for this year - for a radical approach you could rip them all out and start again with some netting - good luck - well worth the effort once they grow!! :wink:

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