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Nothing to do with chickens, I know, but I'm using the forum to tell you about a remarkable young lady, my 16 year old niece, Rosie Herbert.


Rosie has an illness about which very little is known. She has this week launched a website which is aimed at providing support and advice to fellow sufferers, predominantly young children.


I cannot begin to explain what a brave girl she is. The whole idea for the site was Rosie's. Rather than me waffle on about it, please, if you have a few minutes to spare, take a look at Rosie's site - the address is below.




Rosie's story is very moving and is written in her own words.


We're not begging for money (although she is raising money for a couple of charities for sick children and is in the process of setting up a charity called GI Blues) - we're looking for publicity in the media. Rosie has been featured in some local and regional press thus far but we really need to take this to as big an audience as possible. Apparently the BBC and one of the national papers are going to interview her over the next few days.


If any of you have media connections then I am unashamedly asking if we can use them to get a higher profile for Rosie's efforts.


Please feel free to leave any comments on Rosie's website - she'd be chuffed.







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Hi Tim, still no luck I am afraid. I'll keep on trying. We often had "dress down" days at work with the funds going to charity. If we do anything more for charity (eg bake sale etc.) there is always a chance of Head Office matching what's raised. Once I have been able to access the site would you like me to see what I can do? Not as fab as Dan's suggestion though!

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I'm back

What an AMAZING girl Rosie is - to have been through all that - not just the illness but having to cope with those around her who thought it was all made up - so difficult to be that ill and yet those at school, doctors and nurses who all thought it was "in her head". She is truly an inspiration to us - we may complain about the "youth of today" and their rudeness / lack of compassion / immaturity etc., but Rosie is one in a million. I urge you all to read her site - fantastically professional as well - her own story will make you cry, but her positive attitude is something we could all do with.

You go Rosie!!

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Wow! - what an amazing site - Rosie truly is so brave. Thank goodness the psychiatrist knew her stuff and insisited there was no mental illness - it would have been so easy for a wrong diagnosis there to have added to Rosie's problems.


I need to go back and read the rest of the site now.

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Many thanks to those of you have visited Rosie's website. I'm sorry about the problems with the server. Just to let you know that she was interviewed by the Daily Mirror on Saturday and, today, the BBC are visiting her at home.


Again, anything you folks out there can do to raise the profile of Rosie's website is much appreciated.






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