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National Solar Week

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I had an email from Maplin Electronics, they are sponsoring a National Solar Week from 18th to 24th June. They are also promoting an online petition to gain VAT free status for all energy efficient items. Their aim is to educate the consumer to make informed green choices when purchasing electrical goods (as well as making lots of money too, no doubt!).


I am not endorsing them, but they sell a lot of solar items, although it is always wise to shop around before you purchase and there are other suppliers of energy efficient items!


They do deliver too :D


click here for info

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Thanks for the information Charlottechicken. Like Eglutine I like the idea of VAT free energy efficient items.


As an aside, I bought a home energy monitor (basically shows you your electricity consumption anywhere around the house) and due to knowing how much electricity things use whilst left on we've cut our electricity bill by about 33% I guess that shows just how wasteful we were before :oops:


We're also in the process of changing to Scottish Power's H20 tariff so we get super green electricity.

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I'm happy to say I'm supporting National solar week... we bought some solar light sticks from Focus yesterday! They are glowing beautifully now.


We also have a solar panel for our caravan, which we use to trickle charge the leisure battery. We also use it to charge our power packs / jump starter packs. Fantastic thing it is & it doesn't need bright sunlight either.


I'm all for solar energy! 8)



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