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Just thought I had cracked it and decided what breeds we were going to go for but after a visit to a poultry breeder today I am now unsure again. We went to a lovely poultry farm yesterday and they had black rocks in with their version of ginger rangers and they were getting along fine. Today we went to see another breeder and he said that black rocks can be a bit hard to deal with for the novice and with children :roll: ?! So he said he wouldn't recommend black rocks to start with ? He said they can have featherpecking issues and hurt the others. Plus he said some of his hens had their beaks clipped and some didn't. I don't really understand this beak clipping thing ? Is it necessary and does it hurt them ? Was thinking of asking whoever I buy them from to clip their wings for me only coz I know this dosent hurt them.


Is the bovans nera (or black star) the same as black rock or are they more placid. When we visited Jaime (he has a miss pepperpot from omlet) which I think is like a bovans nera and she was very nice, not at all agressive. Just wondered why this breeder was trying to put us off black rocks. They were the genuine black rocks as I checked and this breeder appears on P siddons website(the only official breeder of genuine black rocks) as a recommended breeder.


Can anyone give me some advice about what to go for :?:


We were originally thinking of 4 hens

1 bluebell, 1 gingernut ranger (or similar), 1 speckledy, and 1 black rock



Jilly :?


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It seems you have a fair mixture - I'm sure as long as they are all of a similar age when you get them they will live happily together - they will have a bit of Pecking order stuff to start with.


I found this http://www.blackrockhens.co.uk/ It says Bleck Rocks are a good choice for gardens. It also says "Black Rock chickens are docile but full of character -they are easy to rear and simple to keep,(although not always easy to keep out of the back door!)"


So I dont know why they were trying to put you off.

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Hey Jilly, I'm certainly no expert, in fact we are only two day old chook keepers, but one of ours is a black rock and doesn't seem any worse than the others for giving the occassional peck. In fact she's already eating out of our hands. Our Gingernut ranger seems the nosiest and likes to try and peck your fingers whilst you're opening or closing the run door, our Leghorn is the shyest altho the bossiest and seems to be the main bully, but then we think she's the oldest as her comb is already red.

They're all lovely. I went to the breeder for Pekin bantams and all sorts and came back with three different hens, not knowing much at all about their traits, plus a pepperpot and a gingernut ranger from Omlet and they're all muddling along fine.


Like someone else said on a different post, it just ended up with - Mummy I want the black and white one, and off we went.

Whatever you choose they'll be lovely. But your house will be a mess cos you won't get any housework done! Between the hens and this forum I've done absolutely nothing this morning!!! :roll::wink:


Mrs B

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Jilly, my chooks are fine with my kids. Just don't let kids crouch down eye level to a chook (moles etc. look like food and get pecked).


As Mrs B says you'll just know what you want when you get to the breeder/agent.


Note for Mrs B - At 1st my chooks pecked my fingers every time I went near the run but it only lasted 2 weeks. They don't do it at all now and I can open the run, change water etc, all peck free (unless Henrietta sees my silver watch which she is quite partial to !). It's just a new chook thing.

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Black Rocks are lovely and no harder to handle than any other in my limited experience. Our BR Magnifico is the 'singing chicken', she warbles to you when you pet her or squat down for a chat. Yesterday she sat on my younger son's lap and dozed off for a while :) . Her feathers are beautiful and she is definitely more rainproofed than the others and she hardly ever misses a day's laying.

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