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****Anti-Freeze Warning****

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Sadly it is something that is seen occasionally in the winter. I know of several dogs last year who were killed when a farmer emptied the anti freeze from his land rover into a puddle, the dogs drank it after a hard days shooting - they all died. It is less common for dogs to be poisoned. There has been a death in a cat in Cheltenham recently, below is some information which may be useful.


Ethylene glycol is a common cause of poisoning in cats & a leading cause of acute kidney failure. It is a clear, odourless liquid with a sweet taste which is attractive to cats, dogs & children. It is most commonly found in antifreeze. Due to spillages on the ground, sadly cats especially are prone to sitting under cars & licking the spillages or at their coats that may have been covered.


While ethylene glycol is relatively non toxic, the metabolism causes by products which are highly toxic to the cat. Even as little as a teaspoon or two is enough to kill a cat & ingestion of ethylene glycol is always a medical emergency, and you should take your cat to the veterinarian immediately.




• The cat will appear intoxicated, stumbling, lack of coordination, dizziness & vomiting.

• Excessive thirst.

• Excessive urination.

• Seizures

• Vomiting

• Lethargy


I am going to pop this thread over to My Family & Other Animals as it is most important for cat owners to read. :D

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:shock::shock: I am shocked that some people would use anti freeze in bird baths etc. As a dog owner I know not to let my dog drink from a puddle on the road in case it contains anti freeze. I guess people do it to stop the bird's water freezing, maybe they think they are helping the birds :?:?:?
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