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Holiday snaps for you :)

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not sure if your interested.. just got back from my 2 week adventure holiday :)


week 1 - catermerans, sailing, windsurfing, cycling, tennis, scuba diving, snorkling, golf, etc... half board


week 2 - had our own yacht and sailed around the Med with 5 friends :)


was fantastic.. cost £680 all inclusive :)



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Looks great fun Kazaddress - I did my RYA dayskipper last year so OH and I may do our practical course somewhere sunny and make a holiday out of it. It looks like you had lovely weather. I'm sat in front of he fire at the moment so I feel a little removed from the concept of sun and sea!!

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oh i definetly recomend sunsail..


if you go to the boat show you get a HUGE discount.. that holiday i just did should have cost close to £1700... but we got a huge discount because we booked it through the boat show, and went at the end of the season (it was still mid-20's) which is just about right for being in the sun all day :)


Club Marverde in Turkey was amaising



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