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Chew deterrent

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Hi guys, I had an idea to stop the girls pecking at my plants and they are destroying everything on the decking lol plus they are pecking at a cactus and im a bit worried that the tiny spines will hurt them (I know they do us).....


I decided to try chew deterrent (used for dogs) on the plants.....This seems to have done the trick, but then it dawned on me that maybe it could be harmful to them......Does anyone know the answer to this.......? Im alsmost certain it wont do the plants any harm but im concerned about the girls.....




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I'm no expert, but if it is safe for dogs it is probably safe for poultry too.

I think it probably just tastes awful, like earwax if you remeber being five! :shock:


To be harmful they would also need to ingest some but if it did the trick then that won't be the case.


Hope I'm right!



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