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Chicken photos

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They are lovely.


Re the Light Sussexes.....I believe that the shape of the feathers can be an indicator of gender.


In your first picture of the LS's, the hen on the left seems to have rounded ends to the feathers on its hackles (?girl), whereas the others look more pointy (?boys).


In your second picture of the LS's, the hen at the back seems to have the rounded feathers (?girl), but the others don't.


Just a bit of guess work.....don't wring their necks based on it!!

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Wow, what lovely looking chickens, can't believe how much they've changed in two weeks! You're obviously doing something right. The run looks good too, that's my only regret about the Eglu, I can't get in there to "play" without crawling thru chicken poo!!


Mrs B

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Ooh Egluntine thanks for that. :D .... Off to study the photo & see who you think is what (then off to wring their necks on that basis) :shock: (I'm joking!)


If I get some better photos of all 6 of the nippers would you mind taking a look & letting me know what you think? I promise I won't put anyone in the oven on the basis of your answers. :shock: We think one is a hen. We think 3 are cockerals & not sure about the other 2. but we are only guessing. Our guesses are based on their behaviour really (oh & the fact that one cheeky mokey did a little feeble cock-a-doodle-do at the weekend) :roll:

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